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Insects as food and feed make sense. Entosense.


Make Edible Insects Part of the Daily Diet of North Americans


Edible Insects as a serious food source has been gaining acceptance across the United States, Canada and Europe in recent years. In today’s increased environmental and health conscious world, edible insects make sense to a lot of people. This trend will not slow down as our planet struggles to adapt to a 50% to 80% increase in food demand in less than 50 years. Food insecurity is a major cause of strife and war. For the benefit of our children, we need solutions to our unsustainable livestock production systems. Edible insects is a natural answer.


Edible Insects are Healthy


Insects as a nutritional food source have been generally ignored by much of North America (Bravo Mexico!). Yet, many edible insects have more protein than beef or salmon and include all nine essential amino acids. Edible insects are packed with very bio-available vitamins and minerals. Many have more iron than spinach and more calcium than milk and include substantial quantities of B12 and Omega 3. They are prebiotic fiber which are nutrients for probiotics. Adding edible insects to our diet makes sense.


Edible Insects are an Environmentally Friendly and Humane Solution


During the past 50 years meat production has tripled and now accounts for nearly one-third of all arable land and one-third of the fresh water we use. Over the next fifty years demand for meat (specifically beef) will double or more. Our planet can not handle this growth. In contrast, insects can be grown vertically in rural or urban environments using a fraction of the land, water and feed needed for meat. They emit minimal greenhouse gasses and do not pollute our land and waterways with their waste (insect frass is a fertilizer). Insects can be grown humanely just about anywhere in the world by households, small farmers and large commercial interests. Edible insects are an environmentally friendly solution.


Greatest Food Revolution of Our Time


It’s not often that chefs have a whole new food group to experiment with. There are nearly 2000 edible insects and they all taste different. Vanguard chefs are discovering ways to use whole, chopped and powdered insects to astound patrons with dishes that range from shocking to delicious. Beyond being healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly, humane and delicious, cooking with edible insects is fun and memorable. Nobody ever forgets when and where they ate their first scorpion.


The World Follows Trends Originating Here in North America


Entosense is introducing the edible insect experience that people the world over enjoy to restaurants and kitchen tables throughout North America. The world watches America and follows our lead. Making edible insects a trend here will benefit the world.


Insects are an ancient food source billions of people eat today and it’s virtually non-existent in our country. This doesn’t make sense. Logic holds that we should embrace insects as food. This is simply an unwarranted cultural fear. Adopting insects into our diets is not only good for us personally, it’s good for the whole planet.


Join Us in Our Mission to Make Edible Insects Part of the Daily Diet of North Americans

Entosense Logo


From Education to Commerce, Entosense has developed a suite of online properties…

Edible Insects For Sale Online

Buy Edible Insects Online

EdibleInsects.com is the first North American Edible Insect Marketplace. The online marketplace showcases products made by top entomophagy companies and includes edible bugs from ants to zebra tarantulas.

Bug Strong

75% Protein | 100% Cricket

All-natural protein that’s sustainable, environmentally friendly, and raised humanely. Ancient protein that’s high in antioxidants, a prebiotic fiber, and packed with very bio-available vitamins and minerals. A complete food with ZERO additives including sugar, dairy, gluten, or soy.

Wholesale Edible Insects

For Retail & Food Service

WholesaleEdibleInsects.com features edible insect products at wholesale prices. The website sells to retailers, educational institutions, restaurants, camps and more.

Flavored Edible Crickets

Flavored Cricket Snacks

What ancient food is healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly, raised humanely, and comes in a multitude of flavors? Kickers Crickets. Check out our huge selection from Cotton Candy and BBQ to Salted Caramel and Mango Habanero.

Chapulines For Sale USA

Imported From Mexico

Chapulines: a pre-Hispanic ingredient and snack food modernized with flavors, herbs, and spices available today.

Lil Bugz You Can Eat

Lil Bugz You Can Eat!

Edible insects are gaining attention and you can take advantage of this trend. A minimal investment puts these new products on your store’s shelves.

Insect Themed Gifts

Insect Themed Gifts & Apparel

Insect themed gifts and apparel are hard to find so we packed a store full of everything from praying mantis humor to serious tarantula specimens.

Edible Insect News

News About Edible Insects

EdibleInsects.News is your source for news stories about edible insects from around the world. This is where you can discover new products, innovative companies and the latest research on both insects as food and feed.

Edible Insect Blog

All About Edible Insects

The EntoBlog is a newsletter featuring edible insects. It covers more than just the products made with these insects, it goes in-depth about the insect itself giving you insight into the important role insects play in our lives.


Education & Marketing Materials

Entosense maintains a catalog of materials for the education and marketing of Entosense products and Entomophagy in general. Store owners can log in and download, order and/or customize materials.

Edible Insect Blog

Edible Insect Newsletter Delivered Every Other Week
The newsletter covers a wide range of topics concerning edible insects

Entosense Media Coverage…


Edible insects are sustainable. They are grown humanely and can be grown just about anyplace in the world by households, small farmers and large commercial interests.


Edible insects have as much protein as beef with all of the essential amino acids. Packed with vitamin B12 and Omega 3 they are a prebiotic which is food for probiotics.

Planet Friendly

Edible insects are good for the environment. Substantially less land is needed and only about 1% of the freshwater is used compared to beef. Their food to feed ratio is around 2:1.

Retail Products

Consumers worldwide can purchase products made by top entomophgy companies and have them shipped right to their door through EntoMarket; the largest online marketplace for edible insects in the world.

Wholesale Products

Retailers, restaurants, educators and group leaders can purchase EntoVida edible insect products at wholesale prices from a membership based online marketplace. - Private Label services available.

Custom Products

People love to talk about their experience eating (or not) edible insects. They tell family and friends along with posting to social networks. Edible insects are the perfect branded premium incentive.


Joseph was one of the first chefs to realize that insects are one of the greatest culinary challenges of our lifetime. And, he embraced it wholeheartedly!

Brooklyn Bugs
Edible Japanese Wasp
Edible Black Ants
Scorpions You Can Eat
Edible Grasshoppers
Bug Recipes
Black Ants You Can Eat
Bug Dinner
Edible Water Bugs
Scorpion Sushi
Insect Sushi
Scorpion Fritata
Black Ants & Shrimp
Scorpion Delight
Scorpion Edible Roll

The  History  of  Entosense

Maine Entosense

A Family Business Based in Maine

Thirteen year old Sam asked “Why don’t we eat bugs?”. After receiving a typical Dad answer, he continued to research edible insects and reported back about how billions of people do eat bugs every day, how healthy it was for us and how it was sustainable and a good move for the environment. He convinced his whole family that we should be eating bugs if we care about a healthy future.


By the time Sam is his Dad’s age, there will be half again as many people on our planet and meat production will need to double – which is not possible. Edible insects is one answer.


Recognizing how rare it is to have the opportunity to impact the world in such a way, Sam’s Dad (Bill Broadbent) and his Aunt (Susan Broadbent) decided to make major career changes and start a business that sold insects as food to North Americans. Outside of the family, many friends worried about the decision. It’s true, few things are reviled as much as bugs are in America. It’s either crazy or brave. The belief that enough people will see the numbers and believe straightforward facts drove them on. Edible insects are healthy, environmentally friendly, raised humanely and taste great.


Being based in Maine, everyone here has heard about the ascent of lobster from food so disgusting prisoners revolted over being fed it to the high priced delicacy it is today. Lobster are simply the bugs of the sea. Considering the benefits of insects, it’s only natural that they will follow in the path of their aquatic relatives.


In July of 2015, Entosense was incorporated in the state of Maine.


Beginning with only the brother and sister team working out of a barn, it has grown continuously.
Today, Entosense is located in the Roy Hill Mill in Lewiston, Maine and has a number of employees. Entosense has gone beyond eCommerce and now sells edible insects online and wholesale to retailers worldwide.


Entosense’s mission is to make edible insects part of the daily diet of North Americans.

Call Us

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41 Chestnut Street
Lewiston, Maine 04240


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